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Licensed to transport animals in the UK & Europe

We always aim to be the best, go the extra mile for our customers

Tel: 01342 714851 / 0044 1342 714851

Mob: 07958 741224 / 0044 7958 741224


We are a family run transport company. We use a custom built van to move your pets safely and in comfort. Each travel kennel is ventilated. The van has been inspected and approved by DEFRA. We hold a full type 2 license to transport animals on journeys in the UK & Europe. 

Please feel free to inspect both our DEFRA vehicle approval certificate, and our type 2 license. Both are carried in the van as required by law. Or we can email copies to you on request.

Your pet can travel in their own bed and have a small favourite toy with them. They will have water at all times. Each kennel has a non spill water bowl. We will stop every two hours and take each dog for a short walk. We will feed them to your instructions.

Your pet can travel in their own bed and have a small favourite toy with them. They will have water at all times. Each kennel has a non spill water bowl. We will stop every two hours and take each dog for a short walk. We will feed them to your instructions.

 For more details phone us on 

0044 1342 714851 

or mobile

0044 7958 741224


ect a dog in Paris an



We can go anywhere UK or Europe



Take your pet to the vets



When you move house, we can collect before your removals van turns up and deliver to your new house after the removal men finnish



When going on holiday, we can take your pet to the kennels or cattery



Collect or deliver to an airport. We are based 3 miles from Gatwick Airport and 35 miles from Heathrow. Stanstead, Southend and Luton Airports are only 90 Mins. away



Collect your new pet from a breeder



Take your pets to and from a show




London to Paris, collect and deliver same day







Image description

Above a quick coffee break at the base of Mont Blanc France, on the way to Italy

Below Audrey walking a couple of Austrailian Sheel Dogs, on their way from the USA to Scotland. We collected them from CdG Airport Paris


Image description

Terms & conditions


1)    The cost of delivering your pet will be based on the list given to us by you, and good access. There are no other charges; insurance is included in the price

2)   We have a Type 2 License to transport animals by road in the UK & Europe. 
2a) We will only ever use a vehicle that has been inspected and approved by DEFRA to transport animals

 3)  All estimates are valid for three months.

 4) Payment can be by bank transfer or cash. 

 5) A deposit of £500 (or full payment if total is less) will be taken on booking, for all deliveries. If you cancel more than 7 days before the start of the job we will refund the deposit, minus any expenses incured. Any booking taken less than 7 days before the start of the job is payable in full on booking. No booking is confirmed until a deposit is paid

 6) Parking permits to be arranged by you. Any parking tickets will be paid by you.

 7) We need the full postal address, with postcode. Printed clearly. Also contract phone numbers. All items must have your name on

 8) The estimate is for a collect & deliver service, door to door. Thereis no kennelling in the price

 9) If your pet needs kennelling please ask, we may be able to arrange it for you, at cost to you
 10)The transporting will be carried out by ourselves we will not sub- contract to anyone else.  

 11) If your delivery is a shared trip to Europe, please note we will do all we can to collect & deliver on the dates & times that you want. But you may have to be flexible, as dates & times may change. We do not promise any delivery, date or time.  

 12) If you need the collection and / or delivery to be on a certain date or time, please ask for a price, going as a dedicated load. 

 13) Dedicated trips are collected & delivered on the date & times agreed. But you must allow for delays with ferries, weather & traffic delays, Etc. that are out of our control   

 14) There may be a charge if we have to wait to load or unload.

 15) The estimate assumes easy access at both addresses.

 16) We will not take our vehicles off road. Please let us know if access is over a field, dirt track, dried river, muddy building site, etc. If we cannot get to your property, you may need to meet us somewhere local. Waiting time may be charged.    

 17) If there is any problem or any claim you must tell me in person or by telephoning me on 0044 (0)7958 741224 within three days. Then in writing, either by letter or email ASAP. Insurance is £20,000 per load, with a  £250 excess. This covers house removals in the UK & Europe. If you need more cover, then let us know and we will increase it for the move at cost  

 18) The customer shall indemnify the us the carrier against any action as a result of illicit or illegal substances being found concealed within the load

 19) All goods delivered to the Carrier for carriage are and will be received by the Carrier and held by it subject to a lien for all carriage charges due to the Carrier from the Customer for the carriage of the goods and other proper charges or expenses incurred in respect of or in connection with the carriage of the particular Consignment and all other goods which may have been carried by the Carrier for the Customer from time to time.

 20) The Carrier shall be entitled to charge to the Customer the cost of loading, unloading & kennelling the pets whilst a lien is being exercised together with warehouse rent and any other expenses incurred during all periods during which the lien on the goods or any part of the Consignment is being asserted and all these Conditions shall continue to apply whilst the lien is being exercised.

 21) If such lien is not satisfied by payment within a reasonable time of the Carrier's demand or payment then the Carrier shall be entitled to invoke the power of sale 

 22) All work undertaken will be carried out under English common law.

23)  By using our services you are aggree our terms & conditions